A digital pit crew you can count on!

Whether its Wordpress or Rails, we build the right solution for you.

Start Your Engines!

Our Pit Crew


Crew Chief

Bennie is our fearless leader and chief. He is the visionary of Racecar Studio. He codes daily in Rails, PHP, JS, HTML, and CSS. Bennie believes in TDD, A/B Testing, and remapping caps lock to control.


Crew Front Wing Woman

Monique is an out going kind caring person. She gets along with everyone, and decided to take that to her profession. Monique makes sure that every one of our clients is continually happy.


Racecar Driver

You could be the driver of your own race car. Please contact us now to see how you can be the driver of your own race car project now!

Our Work

At Racecar Studio we are a team of designers and developers. You can hire us to solve your problems or make your dreams come true. We build Wordpress websites and develop Rails applications for your projects. We get to know you and your aspirations. We prototype. We make and ship a working product. Then we help you make it grow and flourish.

You can also hire us to fill gaps. You may have an early-stage product that is starting to see attention from customers. You want to add features, fix bugs, and keep moving fast. You have work but not enough people. We can provide extra horsepower until you find great full-timers.